On Demand Webinar:

Isolate Your Workspace!

Isolated Workspace as-a-service is a new concept that enables organizations to instantly create and deploy local virtual environments on any endpoint and manage them from the cloud with a robust and fine grained set of networking, clipboard and data security policy creation. 

During this on-demand webinar you will learn more about:

  • How Hysolate can be a cost-effective alternative to VDI/DaaS solutions
  • Simple strategies to improve your workforce productivity
  • How Hysolate can help you with your corporate access policies
Marc Webinar


Marc Gaffan

Marc Gaffan

CEO and Board Member, Hysolate

Marc is a successful CEO, Entrepreneur and Cyber security veteran. Prior to joining Hysolate, Marc was the Chief Business Officer at Nexar, where he led sales, marketing, biz-dev, customer success and field operations. In 2009, Gaffan co-founded Incapsula and after its acquisition by Imperva, led the Incapsula business as CEO to $100 million in run rate, protecting millions of websites worldwide and many of the world’s largest enterprises and Telcos. Marc is a thought leader and has appeared before the US Congress, FDIC and Federal Trade Commission on cyber security and identity theft topics. He holds an MBA and a B.Sc in Computer Science and Economics from Tel Aviv University.