How to Isolate Risky or Untrusted Activities on Users' Endpoints

In a global business environment where up to 70 percent of security breaches originate at the endpoint, employees still need to access documents, applications, websites, peripherals, and cloud services beyond the security perimeter to perform routine day to day tasks.

How can you keep your users' devices from introducing security risks, while still giving your team full access to everything they need to do their jobs?

That's what we cover in the webinar below

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Yiki Arbel

VP Product Management

An industry veteran with 20 years of IT, networking and cloud experience, Yuki started his career at P-Cube, a networking startup that was later acquired by Cisco. After his position as system architect at Cisco, Yuki became CEO of Comsleep, an energy saving startup. Most recently, Yuki served as Head of Product for Nokia’s NFV infrastructure, driving telecom networks towards virtualization. A graduate of the prestigious Talpiot program, Yuki holds a B.Sc in physics and mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as well as an MBA from Tel Aviv University.