VDI Vs DaaS Vs Isolated Workspace - which is right for your remote workforce?

When deciding on a cloud strategy for their organization, IT and security professionals typically look to either virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) approach. 

This webinar breaks down the key differences between the two approaches, including:

  • Basic architecture
  • Cost 
  • Setup complexity
  • Data backup
  • Agility
  • End user experience

We also cover the pros and cons of each option, and introduce the concept of Isolated Workspace, and how Managed Virtual Machines can help your team work more securely and productively, either remotely or back in the office.

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On-demand webinar workspace isolation vs. vdidaas



Yuki Arbel

VP Product Management

An industry veteran with 20 years of IT, networking and cloud experience, Yuki started his career at P-Cube, a networking startup that was later acquired by Cisco. After his position as system architect at Cisco, Yuki became CEO of Comsleep, an energy saving startup. Most recently, Yuki served as Head of Product for Nokia’s NFV infrastructure, driving telecom networks towards virtualization. A graduate of the prestigious Talpiot program, Yuki holds a B.Sc in physics and mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as well as an MBA from Tel Aviv University.