A Local Workspace to Isolate Sensitive Corporate Access


Split your user endpoint into two separate operating systems, with full admin management from the cloud.

Less Restricted

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Isolate Risky Activities

Split your laptop into a risky zone and a secure zone. Corporate applications can be run in the secure zone on the host OS, while untrusted websites and applications are opened and used in the Hysolate Workspace.


Isolate Sensitive Access

Secure access to sensitive corporate data and high risk applications in an isolated, fully managed VM. Extend zero trust to the endpoint, closing the loop on security attacks from the endpoint

Learn how Hysolate's VM-based solution can be set up in minutes.

With no cloud cost and without a separate OS image.

The admin overhead is very very small with this product because
it's native Windows, and it does what it's supposed to do, with easy
redirects. Workspace is significantly faster than our previous solution,
and it uses less resources.”

Cole Holloway

VP/Information Technology Director