Survey Report

96% of Security leaders say employees need ‘more IT freedom’ to do their jobs

91% of respondents also insisted that further restrictions on user devices was necessary as more workers remain partly outside the corporate firewall. 

The consensus? A paradox:

Hysolate surveyed over 200 IT and Security leaders to find out how organizations are ensuring that their 'work-from-anywhere' employees are staying secure and productive. An additional key finding was that the vast majority (93%) think that employees are actively working around IT restrictions.

Download the 18-page survey report, The Enterprise Security Paradox: Simultaneous Calls for Increased IT Freedom and More Stringent IT Security,  to learn more how IT and security teams are managing: 

  • Increased concerns about corporate access for contractors and other 3rd parties connected to the rise of the gig economy

  • Growing use of corporate devices for personal use, especially during the pandemic

  • Increasing adoption of isolation technologies to improve employee productivity and corporate security.
Download the Survey Report
Survey Report