The CISO's Dilemma:

How CISOs Are Balancing Enterprise Endpoint Security and Worker Productivity in Response to COVIDThe CISOs Dilemma - book for resource lobby

Hysolate and Team8 recently undertook a joint study of CISOs at Fortune 2000 companies to capture the CISO perspective on how the new remote-first reality and COVID-19 have reshaped organizations’ approaches to IT security and worker productivity.

Our study yielded four key findings:

  1. COVID-19 has accelerated the arrival of the Remote-First era.
  2. CISOs are split on whether to favor
    worker productivity or corporate security
    when enacting remote-first policies.
  3. Bring-Your-Own-PC (BYOPC) policies further confuse organizations’ approaches to remote secure access.
  4. The world is ready for a new and better approach to the remote-first era.

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