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Making Sense of the Confusing Endpoint Security Landscape

Watch our conversation with 3 industry experts, Diana Kelley, Chris Roberts and Tal Zamir, as they discuss the 2022 endpoint security landscape.

You will learn:

  • What’s really the logic for endpoint protection
  • Sifting through the hype: What to consider when looking at all the options 
  • What you need to know before you go shopping
  • Awkward question to ask all the vendors
Chris Roberts Head Shot

Chris Roberts

Researcher, Cyber Security Expert

Chris is currently serving as a vCISO or advisor for a number of entities and organizations around the globe. His most recent projects are focused within the deception, identity, cryptography, Artificial Intelligence, and services space. As one of the most well-known hackers and researchers, Chris is routinely invited to speak at industry conferences. CNN, The Washington Post, WIRED, Business Insider, USA Today, Forbes, Newsweek, BBC News, Wall Street Journal, and numerous others have covered him in the media.

Diana Kelley headshot 2020

Diana Kelley

CTO and Co-Founder, SecurityCurve

As well as being CTO at SecurityCurve, Diana Kelley is also a Principal Consulting Analyst at TechVision Research, a member of The Analyst Syndicate, and donates much of her time to volunteering in the cybersecurity community. She is a sought after keynote speaker, the author of the several Cyber Security books, and has been a lecturer at Boston College's Masters program in cybersecurity. She is also a Cybersecurity Ventures 100 Fascinating Females Fighting Cybercrime.


Tal Zamir

CTO and Co-Founder, Hysolate

Tal is the CTO and Co-Founder at Hysolate. He is a 20-year software industry leader with a track record of solving urgent business challenges by reimagining how technology works. An entrepreneur at heart, he has pioneered multiple breakthrough cybersecurity and virtualization products. Before founding Hysolate, Tal incubated next-gen end-user computing products in the CTO office at VMware. Earlier, he was part of the leadership team at Wanova, a desktop virtualization startup acquired by VMware.

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