Live Webinar

Protect Sensitive Resources Without Everyone Getting Annoyed at IT

Tuesday, March 1st, 11 AM EST (4 PM GMT)

As work from home and hybrid working has become the new norm, IT teams are trying to secure employee and contractor access to sensitive resources. This is commonly achieved by:

  1. Locking down corporate devices
  2. Employing VPN
  3. Limiting access to untrusted websites during WFH

WFHSomething like this, right? 

Ari Averbuch, Senior IT Manager at Hysolate will present best practices for securing sensitive resources such as corporate data or customer systems for both employee and vendor access, without irritating your users, or getting in their way. 

In this webinar, Ari will cover:

  • How to lock down devices without creating extra IT work
  • How to use a VPN in a smart way, without adding extra user UX issues and lag
  • How to protect sensitive resources, while also letting employees access tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Drive. 

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