When the Crypto Space Meets Secure Productivity: the Celsius Story

March 17th - 11:00am EST/ 4:00pm GMT

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During the pandemic, teams around the world have moved to distributed work models, which has provided extra security issues for CISOs, especially in financial companies.

Join us on March 17th for a webinar with Shiran Kleiderman, CISO at Celsius, who will cover how he has dealt with the shift to remote work and frequent changes in business requirements, without opening up his business to security risks.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • The growth of the crypto industry, and how it has impacted other financial sectors

  • The risks that crypto and other financial sector companies face on a daily basis - and how Celsius works to protect its clients and employees

  • How COVID caused many CISO’s to reevaluate their security measures (and how they could impact team productivity)

  • Measures that Celsius has put in place to enable successful growth in the last year - including through remote hiring and management practices

About Celsius:

Celsius is a dynamic platform that enables individuals to take control of their own financial freedom by providing fair, rewarding, and transparent financial services. Accessible via mobile app and web app, Celsius customers can earn high compounding yield on over 40 different digital assets and access instant, low-cost loans against their coins.


Shiran Kleiderman

CISO, Celsius

Shiran is the global CSO and Head of IT at Celsius, where he ensures that client assets are protected by state-of-the-art technology and a highly-trained team of security experts. Shiran is a native of northern Israel, grew up in Miami, and is currently based out of the Celsius office in Tel Aviv. Prior to joining Celsius, Shiran built a successful startup that developed applications for eBay and Amazon to enhance sales and client interaction and served as the CTO for Dark Web Intelligence at K2 Intelligence and BlueVoyant.

Guy Galon

Guy Galon

VP Customer Success, Hysolate

Guy has 17 years of experience successfully managing customers throughout their software delivery, implementation and support life cycle. He is a strong believer in continuous improvement that is based on hands-on experience and deep understanding of the customer’s environments, objectives and challenges.

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